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Subject: Dreamy NaMe

Message: Dreamy is a term typically used for things that we wish for, that might not necessarily be attainable in the physical realm, or perhaps short-lived if ever experienced. Well, I speak these days of Dreamy NaMe, because these products have brought my hair dreams to life. Dryness be gone. NaMe's lemongrass shampoo and avocado hair butter keep my kinky strands beautifully moisturized exuding my natural curl pattern with no breakage or frizzy ends. I would highly recommend NaMe hair products to anyone seeking healthy hair outcomes. Go NaMe!!!!!!!


Atlanta, GA



Subject: Light and fragrant

Message: I was recommended to try NaMe Naturals hair products by my friend Nams and boy have I been satisfied!!! The spray conditioner makes my scalp just feel so heavenly hydrated, and with no greasy residue or musty smell. I just love NaMe Naturals. Thank you !


Essex, United Kingdom



Subject: My hair's love story

Message: I had very coarse and dry hair. My scalp is also prone to dryness and flaking.

My girlfriend in Atlanta told me about NaMe products and sent me the Avocado Babassu cream! This is the Only moisturizer I have used that makes my hair easy to comb as if it had relaxer in it! My hair turns soft and moisturized. My scalp feels great. Another beauty is that the cream goes a long way and It has such a nice smell! 

This is the best moisturizer in the market! 


London, UK


Subject: Peppermint hair spray

Message: I have dreadlocks and i am very happy that I did! I use it to freshen my scalp and hair between washes. The tingling feeling from the peppermint feels so good. No more itching scalp. 

The smell is a little overpowering when you just spray it but not for long. 

Tiffany Germantown, MD


Subject: curl defining cream

Message: Your curl cream smells really good but it is a little heavy for my hair. When I use a little on wet hair, it is okay and keeps my curls defined for a long time. When I apply it on dry hair, it is a little heavy for my hair texture. 


Silver Spring, MD


Subject Such Wonderful Products

Message I have had the opportunity to use Na Me products. I loved the shampoo and conditioner. Not only were they moisturizing, they also smelled good. I loved the ginger shampoo. It smelled exactly like fresh ginger. My children also loved the products. I felt no harsh chemicals. The products are made for sensitive skin. I look forward to continuing to use these amazing products. Keep up the good work.

Dr. N. Ambe 

California, USA


Action with good product speaks louder than words. After using Na me Natural, Aloe -Raspberry Hydrating Conditioner, Curl Defining cream and Avocado Babassu healthy Hair cream. Leaving your smelling good and soft like a new born baby hair. 


N. Dumbi

Hagerstown, Maryland 

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